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The treatment package you choose will depend on the condition of your digestive health, your desired outcome and how long your digestion has been out of balance. If a condition has been building up for years, it is unlikely that it will disappear completely after 40-50 minutes of cleansing, but most people do feel improvements after the first session.

If you are unsure of which treatment package or test best suits your individual needs, please book a half hour initial consultation to discuss this or a 90 minute session to include a colonic irrigation treatment and guidance on other complimentary approaches.

Consultation   30 minutes    £40
Includes guidance on appropriate treatment and test options plus supplementary, dietary & lifestyle advice

Colonic Irrigation treatment & Herbal Enema   60 minutes     £70  – sign up for £10 off 
A stand-alone treatment for gentle cleansing, maintenance purposes or as part of a detox programme.

Colonic treatment with Herbal Enema & Dietary/Supplement Advice   90 minutes   £95   
A personalised session aimed at supporting your individual needs. Advice will be given to help you manage your symptoms. During your colonic a herbal enema will be introduced chosen from herbs that assist with: IBS, constipation, gas, stress, liver cleansing.

Kick Start Course of 2 Colonic treatments    £125
Affordable short course to kick start a constipated bowel and help clear excess toxins.

Detox Course of 3 Colonic treatments    £175
Deep cleanse programme to support those with long term bowel conditions or as part of a detox programme.

Ultimate Cleanse Course of 6 Colonic treatments    £300
The Ultimate package for those committed to longer term bowel health and maintenance.

Candida Cleanse    £150
A course of 2 Colonic Irrigation Treatments plus a month’s supply of herbal supplements and probiotics to help control candida and restore gut microflora. Supplements are also sold separately if you wish to purchase more.

Herbal Colon Detox & 2 Colonics £185
A complete cleansing programme designed to be accompanied by an eight day dietary regime, including a 5-day-juice-fast. Includes a natural herbal blend which absorbs toxins that bind themselves to the intestinal wall, along with herbs to assist in the elimination of toxic waste. This detox programme is for deep cleansing and to restore a natural balance to your entire digestive system. The kit can also be used over 8 or 30 days if fasting is emitted.  Includes complete user guide & 2 colonic irrigation treatments.

Acupuncture 1 hour  £55 first session  £50 follow ups
As an add-on or stand-alone, acupuncture is the treatment of choice when stress is involved in digestive issues. Acupuncture can also be used to treat other health disorders and imbalances. A course of 3-6 treatments is usually required.

Mindfulness Meditation & Stress Counselling   75 minutes   £50
As an add or stand-alone session, our Mindfulness expert Mark Dunn offers private and group sessions to help with stress and negative thinking, both of which can impact on digestive health. Please visit for further information.

Herbal and natural supplements & digestive aids may also be purchased through the centre for day-to-day management of symptoms in your own home.

Diagnostic Test Prices

People generally choose to opt for diagnostic tests when they have tried other treatment methods but failed to get results. However, some people opt for these tests straight away as tests can provide a much simpler and faster way of getting to the root of digestive issues.

All of the diagnostic test kits listed below can be ordered from the Colon Care Centre by email.

If you would like to order a test kit but are unsure of which one, please book for an initial consultation to discuss your symptoms and treatment or test options.

Initial Consultation      30  minutes        £40
Includes guidance on appropriate treatment and test options plus supplementary, dietary & lifestyle advice

Food Intolerance 59   £110 (with Colonic Irrigation £170)

This is our most basic test. It is carried out in clinic and results are usually ready the same day. Book a 2 hour appointment to if you like both the food intolerance test and a Colonic Irrigation Treatment

Food Intolerance Gold    £295      *SALE*  Currently £245
Our most comprehensive food & drink intolerance programme, which tests for reactions  to 200 food & drink ingredients. Click here to see list of foods tested. Includes a 30 minute follow up consultation.

Comprehensive Microbiology & Parasitology        from £200  (plus £30 for follow up consultation)
Assesses bacteriology, mycology (yeasts), parasitology and infectious pathogens using stool analysis. A sensitivity panel identifies prescriptive & natural treatment options for any bacteria or yeasts found.

Microbiology Profile         from £100   (plus £30 for follow up consultation)
This stool test assesses beneficial bacteria, pathogenic bacteria & yeasts and identifies prescriptive & natural treatment options.