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Koren Barnwell

Koren for ClinicThe story behind the Colon Care Centre….

I first qualified as a Natural Health care practitioner in 1996 when, following a longstanding interest in Eastern Philosophy, I travelled to Thailand to begin studies in Complementary Healthcare.

Several years after learning Traditional Thai Massage I returned to the UK to establish a practice in Brighton and to further my studies, beginning a six-year training in Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine. It was during this time that my 18-month-old son fell ill and was hospitalised with pneumonia and digestive health complications. The challenging months of illness that followed took my family on a path of discovery that inspired us to try various complementary therapies and diagnostic tests to support my son back to wellness. Identifying and eliminating trigger foods and making necessary dietary changes proved one of the most significant factors in my son’s shift towards good health. As a result, I became a big fan and advocate of healthy eating, detoxing and colonic irrigation and chose to write my Chinese Medicine thesis on food energetics.

During my years of practising as an acupuncturist and treating all manner of general health issues, it became clear to me just how prevalent digestive disorders are in Western society. As a result of treating and supporting many clients suffering with digestive problems, I discovered that people often simply need re-educating about diet, eating habits and general bowel health as part of a treatment programme. Sometimes changes can be very simple, but often very effective and, at times, even life changing!

In an endeavour to offer a more holistic and all-encompassing approach to digestive health care, I went on to train as a Colonic Hydrotherapist, enabling me to offer colonic irrigation treatments and to gain a greater understanding of the many imbalances clients present with. My passion and desire to understand the digestive system has continued to grow and as a result, the Colon Care Centre was set up to provide customers with a Natural Health Care & Detox service aimed at diagnosing and treating all kinds of digestive problems in a caring, comprehensive and gentle way.

As well as offering treatments through the Colon Care Centre, I also continue to work with acupuncture clients, I am currently studying as a Naturopathic Nutrition Advisor, I am a qualified kinesiologist and I teach weekly restorative yoga classes to help clients reduce stress. I continue to educate myself on all manner of digestive health issues, supplements and supports. My intention is to provide a unique treatment package that may include various natural healthcare approaches, ensuring the best possible service for clients and empowering clients to make changes towards improving long term health.

I very much look forward to meeting you!

Anne-Marie O’Donnell

I am a qualified Nutritionist, Homeopath and Colonic Hydrotherapist with over ten year experience as a Holistic Therapist in many different capacities. I work in a truly Holistic way and treat the whole person by taking physical, mental emotional, and spiritual well – being into account.

I have always had a fascination with the human body and health. This fascination led to my own experimentation in treating skin and digestive problems with Homeopathy and diet, which took me down many paths and ultimately led me to the study of Naturopathy.

In my practice I sometimes use functional medicine diagnostic testing, based on individual client needs. These tests may include hormone profiles, comprehensive diagnostic analysis, food intolerance tests, adrenal stress profiles and other functional tests. The tests are carried out with Genova Diagnostics and Biolab laboratories.

Caroline Pringle

IMG_7482 (3)After 20 years employing D.I.Y. natural health solutions, I began to train more formally in complementary therapies (Hatha Yoga, Devon School of Yoga; Swedish Massage, ITEC). Finally, after failing to find solutions to my daughter’s re-occurring health issues on the NHS, I resigned from my job and committed myself to three years full time study of naturopathic nutrition. Now a CNM qualified nutritionist, I am passionate about sharing my exploration of how the human body works, of what can go wrong, and of the food, herbs and lifestyle changes that can help our bodies bring us back to health.

My previous work incarnations included positions as Chief Executive of the international think-tank Transform and The Kingswood Foundation and before that as a Director/Producer for ITV. I bring a highly professional, person-centric, results orientated approach to my nutrition work.
I am a great believer in the power of nature and always keen to exploit the latest scientific evidence where possible.
I run a clinic from my beautiful home in the self- built eco-village, near St Werburgh’s City Farm. It is a perfect healing setting.

Mark Dunn

MarkyI have been working alongside Koren for a few years now. Often we discover that digestive health issues are the symptom of living stressful lives and helping people to manage their stress can have a profound impact on their overall levels of health.

My own journey into a more peaceful life started in 2004. Despite an outwardly successful life – a senior position in the music industry, the ‘perfect’ family, a beautiful house etc – I was suffering from a seemingly uncontrollable mind. My inner world was very far from perfect!

I was constantly worrying, feeling frustrated or unable to make decisions. Guilt also played a major part in my life and I was rarely able to enjoy the present moment.

So I began to search for wisdom and for techniques that could release me from these stresses and, over the next five years, worked with yogis, self-enquiry coaches, mindfulness experts and meditation teachers. I basically studied with the wise and liberated in various places around the world until I had the set of tools that would allow me to free myself from my worrying mind.

Positive Meditation is the outcome of my many years of study and research. It is a mixture of mindfulness and self-enquiry techniques, which I have used to dramatically reduce my stress levels and improve my own physical health.

Positive Meditation techniques are very simple and you can learn them in just a few sessions.

If you are having trouble living life to the full and are suffering from negative emotions like worry, anger, guilt, confusion or depression then I sincerely hope you will give Positive Meditation a try.

I look forward to working with you.