Testimonials – Natural health – Food allergy testing – Colonic Irrigation – Bristol

“Having received treatments from many practitioners over the years, it has been hugely refreshing to fall into the genuinely professional hands of Koren.  The great depth of her study of Natural Medicine is palpable, as is her empathy, medical knowledge and intuitive ability – she’s the real McCoy!  Koren has supported me through times of intense disruption, and each time her treatments have offered profound support and healing.  She is the one practitioner I would wholeheartedly recommend to others: completely confident that others, like myself, will find what they’re looking for in her capable hands.”

Kath, Marketing Manager

“Koren is brilliant and is really professional. If you think this procedure will be embarrassing then think again as Koren will make you feel at ease throughout. She is also very knowledgeable and can answer any questions you might have. I have had few treatments and it really helped with my liver flushes. After the colonic I feel revitalised and really light and I will continue to go to Koren and nobody else as I believe her to be the best.  I would definitely recommend this treatment, and Koren, to anyone.”
Edyta, Care Worker

“Koren’s advice and recommendations helped me greatly in the relief of IBS symptoms.”
Joan, Business Advisor

“I have been to see Koren for three or four colonic treatments in the last year as my digestion was very sluggish. I’ve found the treatments really helpful. My digestion is much better and I have no bloating or cravings for bread or sugar anymore. Koren is very understanding and puts you at your ease during the treatment. She has also given me some really useful advice on nutrition and supplements. I really recommend seeing her.”
Vicky, Business Owner

“I have found colonic irrigation to be extremely helpful for managing my bloated stomach and flatulence and easing my Irritable Bowel symptoms. Koren has not only helped me with my IBS but also helped me to adopt a different attitude towards food and digestive health in relation to the rest of my body. This has allowed  me to significantly reduce the asthma inhalers that I have been using for 30 years. I now have acupuncture with her as well. Koren  is an extremely skilled and knowledgable therapist and I feel totally safe in her hands. I will be going back regularly.”
Mark, Business Coach

“Koren’s dietary advice and treatments have transformed my health problems – my IBS is much more manageable and I no longer have problems sleeping. As a therapist she is kind and supportive and she really cares. I feel a tangible benefit from seeing Koren – I would heartily recommend her to anyone seeking support with their health”
Samantha, Marketing Manager

“I go to Koren for colonic irrigation because she is friendly and easy to be with, which makes the whole process really relaxing, and afterwards I always feel positively well inside and out!”
Chris, Teacher

“Koren is very approachable and understanding, making it easy for me to off load my problems. Her knowledge of the body and its needs are exceptional and she gave me answers as to why my body was reacting as it was, which immediately began to put my mind at ease.

Koren took a full assessment of my health, diet and general well-being before treating me. I really feel Koren not only treated me but educated me to think about the way my body reacts to food and how I could help myself by improving my diet.

I came away from sessions completely energised and positive. I always recommend Koren to other people because I feel everybody deserves this level of care and understanding”
Jacks, Jewellery Designer

“Koren’s treatments are relaxing, intuitive and highly effective. She is very professional and I felt very safe in her hands.  I wouldn’t hesitate to book another appointment with her.”
Jenny, Nurse