Diet & Detox

Learning about the benefits of dietary changes is an incredibly useful self-help tool for optimising good health

Basic dietary advice may be given as part of your consultation at the Colon Care Centre. Advice is based on the principles of Chinese Medicine, Naturopathic Nutrition and detox regimes.

Even though there is an abundance of information available to the general public on healthy eating, it can be difficult to determine the kinds of foods that are most suited to our individual needs. For example, in the West many people now opt to eat mainly raw foods and salads. However, if the digestive system is weak, it can be difficult for the body to take nourishment from these kinds of foods and as a result the digestive system, and sometimes the whole body, may become further weakened.

By taking a comprehensive case history and assessing each person’s unique imbalances, a more focused approach to healthy eating may be established and supplementary or herbal recommendations given for additional support.

For a complete nutritional consultation and more detailed guidance you can book an appointment with our nutritionist.

If you are looking to engage in a more comprehensive nutritional cleansing regime, we also offer bespoke detox packages. Please contact us for further information.